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Implementation of public policy on Covid-19 in African countries


We are conducting a survey as part of a pilot project to identify examples of public health policy implementation for prevention, mitigation, and control of COVID-19 in African countries. This research examines three types of non-pharmaceutical interventions that have been implemented as part of the public policy response to COVID-19: security policy (curfew), physical distancing policy (by setting, such as schools, places of worship, markets, transportation, and bars/restaurants), and behavioural policy (mask/face covering wearing).


The study will assess interventions implemented in African countries to provide a snapshot of challenges and innovations, accompanied by in-depth analysis to inform policy adaptation – looking at issues related to stakeholder engagement, communication, and acceptability. 


Methodologically, the project uses an open and networked approach to collect, collate and circulate innovations that highlight African health expertise. 


The questionnaire targets the expertise of professionals in the field, decision-makers, administrators, and researchers from various types of organizations (public, private, non-governmental) as well as from different policy sectors (health, social affairs, development, education, home affairs, transport, economy, etc.) related to the three types of intervention on Covid19.


Please complete the questionnaire below if you wish to contribute details on public policy implementation for your country (or a country in which you work). The results on interventions collected through this research will be published on



To answer the questionnaire in English, please select “English” from the choice of languages in the dropdown menu below (next to "choisissez votre langue").

This research project is funded by the London School of Economics and Political Science COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and is led by Dr Catherine Jones with the participation of:

Dr Emmanuel Bonnet, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, UMI Résiliences 

Dr Sarah Dalglish, École de santé publique Johns Hopkins, Institut pour la santé mondiale, UCL  

Dr Fatoumata Hane, l'Université Assane Seck de Zinguichor 

Dr Kadidiatou Kadio, Institut de recherche en science de la santé du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique

Dr Valéry Ridde, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, UMR CEPED 

Dr N'koué Emmanuel Sambieni, l'Université de Parakou, Laboratoire de Recherches et d'Etudes sur les Dynamiques sociales et le Développement Local

and in collaboration with Dr Charles Ebikeme, Policy Officer, African Health Observatory - Platform on Health Systems and Policies.

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