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the type of man with a purpose it was clear that his wits his wisdom was a thing to be proud of but his eyes they couldn't have been trusted he was leering at this you'd have thought he was a bouncer at the dog track shitting in his pants the great sitting on a penny a single penny and he couldn't get up he couldn't even look at me or even I guess I'll just stay seated pretending like there was nothing wrong with this situation the situation was that he he was scared he was shy you know I mean shy of welcome to our kind do you think these are flies now I mean it's a flea they must be I guess he thinks I'm what kind of an mick he thinks I am a yeasty mick the type that would this man must have crawled down from the floorboards of some back room where he's somebody sent me after he's I went I was there on that bed and I what a great A1 you know I came to apologise if I wasn't but he was scared I was I was still sitting there my knees were a little trembling I said that I said I




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